• I was ordained through American Marriage Ministries, Universal Life Church, and Open Ministry.
  • I write your ceremony based on the questionnaire you fill out. 
  • After you fill out the contract, questionnaire and pay the retainer, I write the ceremony and email to you for approval or changes.
  • I will keep changing and emailing until you tell me it is perfect. Then and ONLY then will I stop.
  • I will be at the rehearsal (for an additional fee, unless I told you otherwise) if needed, and will show up at the ceremony at least 30 minutes before to collect the license and to see if you have any last minute changes or questions.
  • After the ceremony, I will sign the license (let me know if photographer wants to take a photo of me doing this) and mail for you on the next business day. For an extra fee, I will send priority mail.
  • After the ceremony, I stay no longer than 30 minutes (for photos) unless other arrangements have been made..
There will be no work started on your ceremony nor will the date be saved until the retainer fee has been paid.
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