Regular (non-prison) Wedding Ceremonies

- Regular wedding Ceremonies -

Starting August 6, 2018, I will begin using my iPad for all non-prison weddings. If you insist I use something else such as the bible to hold the ceremony in then please let me know. I am going this route to help conserve the trees. Printing each ceremony takes at least 2 pages and that can be more than 200 pages per year plus the ink. Using the iPad will allow me to keep my fees down also.

Questionnaire - Form for me to use to customize your ceremony. (for regular weddings only.)

Contract - The contract for a regular wedding. When submitting, you will be paying the non-refundable retainer fee. I will email an invoice for the balance due . (if you are looking for the contract for a prison wedding, please click on the prison wedding button above).

Cancellation Form - To cancel a wedding after you have filled out the contract.

Date Reschedule Form - To select another date for the ceremony

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