1. Fess start at $125 and go up based on county. (I do not charge a fee per mileage as some others do. I charge a flat fee per county)
  2. If wedding or rehearsal are on a national holiday or special day (ie Valentines Day, Christmas Day, etc.), there will be an extra fee of $50
  3. Fee is based on the county or unit the wedding will take place in. 
  4. There is a $100 non-refundable retainer fee due at the time of the signing of the contract for ALL weddings. (Retainer is part of the fee).
  5. You will be emailed an invoice approximately 3 weeks before the wedding.
  6. If needed at the rehearsal, there will be an extra fee. (from 19693 Dorris, Magnolia, Tx: up to 50 miles $35, 51-150 miles $100, anything over 151 miles $225)
  7. Ceremonies over 175 miles from my home have 1 (one) night hotel stay included in the fee (if needed an extra night because of rehearsal, the hotel room has been added in already). 
  8. The balance due must be paid no later than the due date on the invoice. If not paid on or before the due date, you will be invoiced and extra $50 that must be paid before the wedding can begin.
  9. Please check the CALENDAR or CONTACT ME first to make sure your date is available. 
  10. My fee includes unlimited phone calls, texts, and email.
  11. If the wedding is on a boat (or other place that the officiant can not leave right after the ceremony, there is an extra fee of $50 per hour (added to the original fee) that the Officiant will be detained. 

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